Saturday, April 14, 2007

Christian Schumann First Solo Show in Spain

Christian Schumann First Solo Show in Spain


Christian Schumann, Farm & Fleet, 2007.

MADRID, SPAIN.-Pilar Parra & Romero is proud to present Christian Schumann’s solo show for first time in Spain. With a large trajectory as an artist, Christian (Rhode Island, 1970) presents a total of eight paintings and five drawings. This recent set of paintings, all of uniform size, all operates with the same internal mechanisms of improvisation despite their disparate appearances. In a departure from his previous body of work, which is an tendency to a minimal style, this group returns to techniques of collage and transfer of paint and paper, a method of construction which he has purposely not approached in several years in the spirit of experimentation.

In general, Christian’s work has been characterized not only by surfeit information, but also by the use of a range of different sources. As a result of combining painting with borrowed images and collage, the surfaces of his pictures vary from smooth grounds of opaque color, to areas that have been creased, or worn by abrasion. He also adopts a wide range of drawings styles often raiding the aesthetics of popular culture: cartoon imagery is prevalent, and he also borrows the structural devices of comic book layout. In addition, uses texts -verbal puns, song lyrics and nonsensical dialogue– to suggest disjointed narratives ‘’content is formed by the act of breaking apart meaning, corroding ideals, restructuring life of debris.

Fractured, an internal nature reforms. Improvisation of the detached, purposeful in its oblique qualities. Personal limitations and psychology are the compositional and thematic structure. When mnemonic becomes flesh and flesh becomes pollution, artificial intelligence rules unto an inorganic world”.

Christian Schumann has been exhibited recently at Patrick Painter and Gagosian in L.A, Leo Koenig in New York, Carlier Gebauer in Berlin and White Cube/Jay Jopling in London. In addition his work has been included in exhibitions such as “Proliferation,” at MOCA Los Angeles, and “Pop Surrealism,” Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art Christian Schumann currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


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