Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rino Valido - "Seduction is colour"

Rino Valido - "Seduction is colour"


Rino Valido.

FINALBORGO, ITALY.- The opening of the exhibition “Seduction is colour” by Rino Valido, organised by Galleria Arte Bersani (Bersani Art Gallery) of Finale Ligure, is Friday August 3, at 21.30, in the Complesso Monumentale di Santa Caterina (Santa Caterina monumental complex) in Finalborgo (Sv), with the patronage of the town of Finale Ligure and the Department of Culture. Through 40 paintings of different sizes, sculptures realised with different materials, spread around the three floors of the ancient monastery, which is located within the crenellated walls of Finalborgo, the exhibition shows the work of one of the most interesting and talented artistic personalities in the national panorama. The new exhibition by Rino Valido is a compendium of the latest works, from 1999 to 2007, and groups together creations which even if very different belong to a single gestural project.

“Seduction is colour” shows the attention of the author to the cultural suggestions evoked by the fruitful dialogue of art applied to industry, due to his professional activity as a graphic designer and image communication expert for some important State Companies.

Curious experimenter of different techniques and materials, Rino Valido's artistic exploration is closely connected to his graphic studies and his experience as a “cromista” (colour technician). Reds, electric blues, yellows are the protagonists of these works with pieces of damask and rags, old newspaper pages assembled in “accumulations”, as Valido himself prefers to define them.

Luciano Caprile, curator of the exhibition and author of the review in the catalogue, thus summarizes the aesthetic path of the artist: “Rino Valido's works are really enjoyable and trigger the imagination. His works, even when contaminated by non-pictorial elements, are always balanced and timbrically functional. The colour-material plays a fundamental role in each artistic production while the pieces of material are used to provoke but in a perfectly natural way”.

The exhibition is supported by Fondazione Ansaldo, Banca Carige, Credit Suisse, Studio “Disegno 92”. “Seduction is colour” is open every day until August 31 from 17 to 23; entrance is free.


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