Friday, August 31, 2007

The Future Can Wait - Artists Announced

The Future Can Wait - Artists Announced


McGinity 'Girl in Yellow Dress' Oil on canvas 165x120cm 2007.

LONDON.-Leading curators present the art stars of tomorrow – and today Tom Hackney, Tessa Farmer, Sarah McGinity, Gordon Cheung, Gavin Nolan, Stella Vine and Miho Sato are just some of the artists showing work in The Future Can Wait - the biggest ever museum-scale privately curated exhibition for breaking artists.

Curators Zavier Ellis and Simon Rumley have now announced the full list of artists set to exhibit in the Old Truman Brewery’s Atlantis Gallery, in what promises to be a seminal show in the future of art history. Ellis and Rumley have selected the best of what they describe as The New London School – artists whose work deals with the human condition in painting, video and installation, underpinned by an emphasis on technical expertise.

List of artists: Jennifer Allen, Dylan Atkins, Emma Bennett, Kiera Bennett, Louise Camrass, Juliana Cerqueira-Leite, Gordon Cheung, Simon Cunningham, Christopher Davies, Tessa Farmer, Nadine Feinson, Bettina Graf, Tom Hackney, David Hancock, Matthew Houlding, Sam Jackson, Chia En Jao, James Jessop, Kounosuke Kawakami, Cathy Lomax, Alexis Milne, Rui Matsunaga, Robin Mason, Sarah McGinity, Hugh Mendes, Richard Moon, Alex Gene Morrison, Rie Nakajima, Gavin Nolan, Tim Parr, Jaime Pitarch, Emma Puntis, Harry Pye, Miho Sato, Dominic Shepherd, John Stark, Erik Tidemann, Gavin Tremlett, Will Tuck, James Unsworth, Stella Vine, and Hannah Wooll.

Featuring the art stars of the moment, the show will bring together hundreds of future collectable works in one gallery space and all pieces will be for sale. The Future Can Wait will be bigger than anything of its kind that has gone before. It will also offer a contrast to the more limited viewing context of the art fair booth system by showing a wealth of work as it was originally intended – in a spectacular, spacious environment. Featuring these London-based artists for its inaugural year, The Future Can Wait will eventually take on global partners to become a primary showcase for international artists.


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