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ArtVerona07 - Modern and Contemporary and Art

ArtVerona07 - Modern and Contemporary and Art


16 Milazzo Passion, Lambda print on Dibond, 2007 Carini.

VERONA, ITALY.- With the third edition of the exhibition in Verona October 18 – 22, the autumn season for the art market in Italy begins. With the success of the first two editions, which attracted an ever growing number of visitors (more than 20,000 in 2006), ArtVerona confirms its role as one of the most important and historic exhibitions of Italian art.

Its specific mission is to showcase the wide-reaching and quality realities of Italian galleries which deal with modern and contemporary art. This panorama is present only in part in other exhibitions, and these exhibitions tend to be either local shows or ones that privilege foreign galleries.

Moreover, Italian dealers make up an extraordinarily interesting field, both culturally and economically, positioned as they are in one of the most important periods of art history, and with highly regarded Italian and international artists.
ArtVerona is dedicated to these galleries, and the exhibition is a confirmation of this guiding strategy that has been in place since the beginning.

The success of ArtVerona depends on a combination of factors: its location in Verona, a city that attracts many tourists; it takes place in October, the period which begins the autumn season for the art market the grounds of VeronaFiera are made up of large pavilions which are easy to reach the quality of the exhibitors; the wide-reaching panorama of artists and movements involved in modern and contemporary art; the special section dedicated to Outsider Art, a first in Europe for ArtVerona; related events and shows; continuous information available in specialized media both in Italy and abroad; the free catalogue to all visitors; efficient organization and wide-ranging services; the inviting atmosphere of the exhibition. All these elements are aimed at making the 2007 edition even better.

The New Consultation Committee – The Sections - True to its initial choice of privileging experts who are not directly part of the world of galleries, the members of the new Committee are: Beatrice Buscaroli, art critic and Artistic Director for the Carisbo Foundation’s History and Art Collections; Francesca Pini, responsible for art for the Corriere della Sera’s Magazine; Manuela Magliano Pellegrini, collector of modern art, Milan; Giorgio Fasol, collector of contemporary are, Verona.

They have been entrusted with the even more difficult task of selecting participating galleries, which numbered 190 last year, whereas this year the number is 170, and they are divided into three categories: Modern and Contemporary Art, Outsider Art, and Graphic Arts and Reproductions. The presence of Outsider Art is important because it is the only exhibition in Europe to display the works of these artists who are highly regarded abroad and are included in major museum collections. This year’s section even boasts important artists from outside of Italy. The Graphic Arts and Reproductions section is the only one of its type to remain at a national level and ArtVerona seeks to protect this type of lively and worthy “genre” by hosting the best galleries in Italy dealing in this area.

Confirming its role as the most important exhibition for Italian art dealers and gallery-owners of contemporary and modern art, on Thursday morning at 11:00 in the Sala Rossini (ground floor of pavilions 6/7 at the Veronafiere exhibition grounds), ArtVerona will present the Annual Report for the LCBA (Laboratory on Italian Commerce of Artistic Goods), part of Nomisma, which will present its summary of the 2006/07 season, and forecasts for 2007/2008, with a series of reflections on the market’s current state of health. A forum with very well-known experts will precede the debate between all participants.

The Rooms of Photography is a show promoted by ArtVerona in collaboration with the publication Arte which will be publishing the catalogue. An excursus of about 200 works on photography collecting, curated by Fabio Castelli, a pioneer in the genre, starts off with antique graphics and continues onto 18th century cliché-verres, passing on to art photography at a time when no market existed yet, and it then opens up into new techniques, including video. From Durer to Beecroft, this is a show with a didactic edge that aims to throw light on the art of photography, an art that has always attracted careful and passionate collectors.

Also present this year will be M.A.P.P. – the contemporary art museum that was established in the former Paoli Pini Psychiatric Hospital of Milan in 1995 with the collaboration of the ARCA ONLUS Association and the Department of Mental Health of the Niguarda Cà Granda Hospital, under the artistic direction of Marco Meneguzzo. MAPP now has a significant collection of contemporary art with 130 works of Italian and foreign artists – including P. Gilardi, E. Tadini, G. Maraniello, Buell, G. Brus, M.Disler – as well as a collection of “group” works which came out of the work that the same artists realized with patients during a special course that was organized by the Art Therapy Centre of the museum. This year’s show is called “Orizzonte alto” [“High Horizon”] which is an installation of works produced in collaboration with Davide Antolini, the Veronese artist who has been with MAPP since the year of its foundation.

The special section dedicated to Outsider Art has an even higher profile this year with the associated show in preview: Bestiary – from the Atelier of Error, curated by Daniela Rosi.

As beautiful as it is disturbing, the show presents works created in the atelier directed by the artist Luca Santiago Mora at the neuropsychiatry department for children at the local health service in Reggio Emilia.

The subjects of the works are all imaginary animals. The images are moving for their expressive and aesthetic power, and they are all the more surprising upon the knowledge that they have been drawn by children aged 7 to 14 – 18 for Down – who suffer from learning and social problems, as well as autism and other syndromes, which would seem to make it unlikely that they could express such intense creativity. And this is the problem that lies at the heart of all Outsider Art: can art be produced by people who are considered outsiders, primitives, those affected by psychic disorders, visionaries, children?

Among the other events, this is the third year for the Aletti ArtVerona Prize, sponsored by the main sponsor of the exhibition, Banca Aletti, and the prize supports young artists and the galleries who represent them. The prize, which will be awarded on Thursday, October 18, at the end of the forum on the art market, comprises the purchase of a work of art by an artist who is no older than 35, by the Banca Aletti, one of the largest private and investment banks in Italy, as chosen from those proposed by the galleries present at the exhibition. The jury is made up of personages from the world of art and culture, as well as economic and institutional representatives.

Project ICONA also continues this year, with ArtVerona’s objective of recognizing and giving visibility to exhibiting galleries, the very heart and soul of the exhibition, through the project’s acquisition of a work of art which symbolically represents the exhibition itself in its contribution of expressing the values and trends of contemporary art.
Among the 104 candidates, the selection committee – which met on July 24 and was presided over by Giorgio Cortenova, Director of the Palazzo Forte Modern Art Gallery of Verona – chose Il mio parco [“My Park”] by Diango Hernandez, as proposed by the Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery. Like every year, the work will be on display at the entrance to the exhibition; at the end of the exhibition, the work becomes part of Palazzo Forte’s collection. The work als


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