Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jane Cartney - Debut & Retrospective

Jane Cartney - Debut & Retrospective


Jane Cartney, Life Study Seated Female.

SOMERSET, UK.- Jane Cartney - Debut & Retrospective is on view through May 13 at Venue 99 - North Somerset Arts Week 2007. Contemporary Scottish colourist-expressionist - professional painter and printmaker, art historian. Formative training in Aberdeen, main centres of study, Amsterdam, Ghent, Paris, Edinburgh,London,Brighton, Chosen subjects architecture and sculptural objects together with life study. Returned to painting Spring 2006. To date, group exhibition, solo exhibition, invited to solo at Weston Arts Festival September 2007. Invited to submit fine-art print to USA auction (3.5.07 Lupus International, Fullerton, Orange County, CA) - eagerly awaiting auction results.

This is a curated retrospective and work from Cartney's five recent mature series of paintings and associated prints: Beach Road, Boulevard, Glasgow, Pheasant, Wadham Beach. The retrospective exhibition gives a glimpse into Cartney's long development with a rare opportunity to see the paintings produced under the tutelage of Burns in Aberdeen, plus London and Brighton life studies from the '80s, notably the Wandsworth drawings of Kate (featured on the poster), and the oil pastels and charcoal and chalk studies of two Brighton favourites, Jill, and athletic model, Alex.


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