Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Will Tuck- The Rise of the Neo Renaissance

Will Tuck- The Rise of the Neo Renaissance


Will Tuck.

LONDON.- There is a shift of emphasis going on with a small group of young English painters. Jonathan McLeod, Gavin Nolan, John Stark, David Hain and Will Tuck. This new generation, educated, technical, skillful and highly articulate delve in to personal psyches raid history paintings and work with knowledge and skills of a past age. What sets these guys apart from other painters and artists of today is their informed knowingness and highly developed skills. For their paintings are about now and are highly contemporary.

Will Tuck's canvases are entirely made by using spray paint. A graduate from The Royal Academy Schools Will be having his first solo show at Carter&Gallagher in October. The rise of this neo-renaissance William Tuck's paintings are very loosely based around old master paintings and subjects, especially involving classical mythology. He often bases the composition on an existing painting and sets up tableaux with cheap toys and other accessories, which are photographed and then painted. These are fantasy worlds mixing hi and lo culture and painted wholly using an airbrush. Slick, fast imagery immaculately executed. A blonde girl,semi clad erotic amongst cherubs and plastic toys, William Tuck completed his Masters at The Royal Academy Schools in 2005.


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