Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ellen Groth Reddie (Artoony) at The Oval House Café Gallery

Ellen Groth Reddie (Artoony) at The Oval House Café Gallery


LONDON.-The Oval House Café Gallery presents Ellen Groth Reddie, on view 15th January –16th February 2008. Ellen Groth Reddie (Artoony) was born in Norway and is now living in the UK . Having studied art at Einar Granum Kunstfagskole in Oslo, Norway, she experiments with different ways of expressing herself, using traditional oil painting, water colour, silk painting, and sculpturing with papier maché. She has since traveled across the USA and Europe, and lived in Berlin as the wall came down. As a result, her inspiration comes from an abundance of sources.

Recently, Ellen has embraced technological advance in her work and uses the computer screen as a canvas, still freehand drawing but with the tools of today. Ellen loves vibrant colours and is keen to create artwork that makes people feel good. Her works are only available as limited edition prints and she's never released more than 100 of the same design, regardless of size or output media.

Ellen's greatest fascination has always been with the early surrealists like Dali and Magritte as well as with 60's pop art - Roy Lichtenstein is her favourite. These lead her to describe her work as "pop art with a dash of the surreal".

Current exhibitions include "The Art of Digital' - Ellen's work was one of 104 chosen by Paul Benezra (Director of San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art) from nearly 3000 entrants for a six week display in the Lyceum Theatre in the trendy Gaslight centre of San Diego, CA. The exhibition at the Oval House Café Gallery will be Ellen’s first solo show in London.


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