Friday, March 16, 2007

Koloman Moser and the "Wiener Werkstatte"

Koloman Moser and the "Wiener Werkstatte"


Koloman Moser, Zebrakasten Wiener Werkstaette, ca. 1904, Innenansicht. © Kunsthaus Zug Stiftung Sammlung Kamm.

VIENNA.- The Leopold Museum will present Koloman Moser and the "Wiener Werkstätte" (Art Nouveua), on view 25 May through 10 September 2007. Koloman Moser, painter, graphic artist and craftsman, was one of the most important figures in Viennese art around 1900. He studied at the Vienna Academy and the Vienna School of Applied Arts, was a founding member of the Vienna Secession, and taught at the Vienna School of Applied Arts starting in 1899. Moser founded the Wiener Werkstätte with J. Hoffmann in 1903, sharing its artistic direction with him. He was also involved in the magazines "Ver Sacrum", "Höhe Warte" and "Der Liebe Augustin". In 1904 he designed the apse mosaic and the stained-glass windows for O. Wagner's church at Steinhof. Moser resigned from the Secession with the Klimt group in 1905, and later he was a cofounder of the Österreichischer Werkbund.

The Leopold Museum will honour the all-around artist with an extensive exhibition including items from museums and private collections that have never before been shown publicly.


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